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A complete hybrid VTOL autopilot solution.

tick_greenSupports QuadPlanes, Tailsitters, Tiltrotors & Helicopters.

tick_greenIdeal for surveying, mapping & surveillance tasks needing long-range flight without the runway.

tick_greenAutonomous flight control system with extensive failure detection and recovery systems.

tick_greenEasy to use tablet based Ground Control Station with 3D flight planning and heads-up display.

tick_greenZero piloting skills required.

Flight Control System

  • Supports a wide range of hybrid VTOL vehicle types.
  • Fully autonomous missions and flight mode transition support.
  • Auto sensor, mechanical failure and flight envelope degradation detection and recovery system.
  • Support for various payloads.
  • Lidar and radar distance sensor support.
Swiss Aerobotics - Hummel UAV

Ground Control Station

  • Consumer and commercial grade tablets supported.
  • 3D mission creation and monitoring.
  • User-level password protected access for restricted operator functionality.
  • Extensive interactive pre-flight checking prior to launch.
  • Remotely configurable via fleet management system.
  • Automatic drone flight log upload to fleet management system.
  • Access a shared flight plan library selectable by location or mission type.


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AirRails for Agriculture

Sep 2, 2020 – UAVenture has partnered with SUIND to bring advanced computer vision based obstacle avoidance system to AirRails and drone manufacturers. SUIND’s system will become a core part of the AirRails autopilot and will bring crop spraying and seeding operations to the next level, while reducing the effort on the part of the owner/operator.

AirRails Powering Six BVLOS Applications

AirRails Powered Products

If you are looking for a complete hybrid VTOL system you can take a look at one of several systems being offered by our partners.

Interested in trying out the AirRails platform before integrating it in your own hybrid VTOL platform? Together with a UK partner we will soon be offering a low-cost evaluation VTOL, setup with AirRails and ready-to-fly.


The Wingcopter is an universal all electric composite tiltrotor aircraft capable of carrying and operating a wide range of payloads. Available to buy now.


A truly unique product bringing the best of two worlds with the merge of gyrocopter and helicopter technology, resulting in a powerful and efficient vertical takeoff capable drone supporting a wide range of payload types and weights.


Latitude Aerospace Solutions (LAS), based in Ecuador, have partnered with UAVenture to become an official AirRails testing center and will run the AirRails platform through its paces on their fleet of VTOLs at altitudes of up to 3000m AMSL. Not only does LAS run a fleet of Hybrid VTOLs for their services branch but are also selling AirRails powered Hybrid VTOLs capable of carrying up to 1kg payload and flight times of up to 80 minutes making it ideal for a wide range of uses.


The J-55 is a jet propulsion Hybrid VTOL, powerful enough to carry payloads weighing up to 6kg, the J-55 Part 107 version can achieve a maximum range of up to 30 nautical miles, depending on payload, fuel, and avionics load-out and can take off, land, and hover in tailsitter position or take off and land conventionally.

Eagle Pride Drones

The complete mapping solution for high precision surveys. Built from the highest grade EPP foam, carbon fibre, high quality plastics and using ONLY the market leading avionics and components, the HUSSAR MAPPING DRONE is in a class of it’s own.

Crop Sprayer

The crop sprayer is the first product operating with the AirRails crop spraying flight control system. Capable of carrying up to 10kg chemicals it can be operated with a semi-autonomous RC transmitter based controller and soon fully autonomous operation with a custom tablet based GCS.


We are proud to have established strategic partnerships with some talented companies. Together we are going to be able to build a better product for our customers and improve and extend the capabilities of AirRails.

Let’s go!

If you are a manufacturer, solutions provider or service provider and would be interested in integrating AirRails into your product then let us help you get started.

Contact us to find out more about how AirRails can get your existing or upcoming hybrid VTOL drone airborne and ready for market.