Our mission is to provide leading edge autopilot technology and ground control solutions in order to make businesses thrive. We’re a software company based near Zürich (Switzerland), which has become known as the silicon valley of drones. Our talented team is a mix of software developers and robotics engineers with the passion for all things that fly.

UAVenture sells two main products: VTOL OS and AIRRAILS AGRI. Click on one of the two logos below to visit each product’s website to learn more about what it can do for you.


UAVENTURE’s AirRails autopilot for VTOL drones is now VTOL OS. VTOL OS is a Pixhawk based autopilot software combined with a modern mission computer solution featuring advanced flight control for VTOL, extensive sensor support and a modern IoT management solution.

Benefit from years of avionics integration experience. VTOL OS has been developed with a focus on best practices that make installation a breeze.


AIRRAILS AGRI is an autopilot solution that will power your crop sprayer or seeding drone.

At its core is a unique computer vision powered system from SUIND which can detect and avoid obstacles such as trees and power poles making planning trivial and missions safe.


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AirRails for Agriculture

Aug 10, 2021 – AIRRAILS AGRI is an autopilot system with computer vision at its core that has been designed specifically for crop spraying and seeding drones and is the result of a multi-year partnership between UAVenture and SUIND.

UAVENTURE’s AirRails Autopilot for VTOL Drones is now VTOL OS

VTOL OS is more than just an autopilot. It’s a flight control software stack packed with features and best practices for VTOL drones. It comes with industry proven avionics, a companion computer platform for custom container applications and an open protocol for integration. It supports obstacle avoidance, terrain following, GPS denied navigation, precision positioning and a range of safety features for BVLOS and pilot-less operation.


We are proud to have established strategic partnerships with some talented companies. Together we are going to be able to build a better product for our customers and improve and extend the capabilities of AirRails.

Let’s go!

If you are a manufacturer, solutions provider or service provider and would be interested in integrating AirRails into your product then let us help you get started.

Contact us to find out more about how AirRails can get your existing or upcoming hybrid VTOL drone airborne and ready for market.

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