In the second video from our demo series we take a look stall recovery. This is one of several safety systems built into AirRails which makes a hybrid VTOL resistant to stall related failures. During extensive testing this has already saved our UAV a number of times as we’ve pushed the UAV beyond its limits in both mission and manual test flights.

In this video, filmed both onboard and from the ground, you can see how the UAV is forced into a stall by slowing down and pulling up on the stick. Airspeed drops to a critical level and roll and pitch exceed operational limits. This results in an automatic fast switch back to a multirotor hover without intervention from the pilot. From this point on the operator has the option to resume the mission or recover the UAV.

AirRails is also able to monitor other failures in real-time, airspeed sensor degradation and failures, pitot tube blockage, pusher motor failure and free-fall detection and switch to a hover mode faster than a pilot can react.

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