For more than 2 years we have been focussing on hybrid VTOL, supporting all kinds of VTOL systems from Quadplanes to Tailsitters to Tiltrotors. It is amazing how many variations of those main types manufacturers develop for both commercial hobby use. Often they are complex to handle (mechanically and aerodynamically). Our AirRails Flight Control Platform hides all this under the hood giving the operator a simple to use interface.

As a “holiday experiment” and to show the versatility of AirRails we’ve converted the recently released E-flite Convergence from a manual flying machine into a fully autonomous UAV.

Our team actively contributes back to the open-source autopilot community therefore you can find all the DIY information to make your Convergence fly with PX4 here:

If you manufacture a Tiltrotor (or any other form of VTOL aircraft) for commercial usage and are looking for a tested and reliable flight control platform we are eager to help you integrate AirRails into your vehicles! Please contact us for more information: