After our Christmas experiment of getting the E-flite Convergence flying autonomous missions with AirRails we’ve now gone one step further and implemented a rate controlled acrobatics mode in fixed-wing. This allows you to fly the Convergence in the same 2 modes which the original flight controller provides (Stabilized and Acro). In Acro mode you benefit from unconstrained control over the aircraft but at the same time it will compensate external influences such as wind which gives you a truly flying on rails feeling!

If you manufacture a Tiltrotor (or any other form of VTOL aircraft) for commercial usage and are looking for a tested and reliable flight control platform we are eager to help you integrate AirRails into your vehicles! Please contact us for more information:

The acrobatics mode will soon be available in PX4 as well. Watch the following video for a short glimpse of what’s possible: