The AirRails Ground Control Station (GCS) is an Android based MAVlink compatible GCS that runs on a range of 9 – 18″ consumer and rugged tablets. Specially designed from the ground up to be highly intuitive it makes extensive use of 3D flight plan views for adjusting altitudes, previewing the flight plans and tracking the drones in-flight progress. In addition it has been designed primarily with Hybrid VTOL operations in mind integrating tightly with the AirRails (Hybrid VTOL) flight controller, while maintaining compatibility with other types of drones such as multirotor and fixed-wing.

The GCS is ideal for fleet operations being tightly coupled with a central cloud based storage system allowing for the synchronisation and distribution of flight plans throughout the fleet, drone parameter distribution, automatic log file synchronisation as well as centrally managed user access controls to both hide complexity and unneeded functionality from basic operators, and much more.

The latest release of the AirRails GCS adds a number of new features, including:

  • 3D maps and flight plans can now not only be rotated but panned and tilted.
  • 3D air traffic visualisation and audio collision alerts.
  • System gauges (speed, RPM, fuel levels, etc.) for more advanced operators.
  • Extended the pre-flight checks to include a mission summary (flight time, distance, max. altitude, etc).
  • Support for the Panasonic FZ-A2 Toughbook providing a screen that is still readable in direct sunlight.

Watch the video below for a brief demonstration of some of the key features.

More information on the AirRails GCS can be found on the GCS page or contact us