Jetoptera has successfully demonstrated hovering of an aircraft equipped with our Fluidic Propulsion System™ (FPS). The tethered tests of vertical takeoff and hovering were done using our 50 kg (110 lbs) platform. The tethering system is a precautionary approach commonly employed in VTOL development. Data recorded so far show excellent behavior of FPS in VTOL position with production of stable, repeatable and reliable thrust, now with vectoring capabilities. With these tests Jetoptera has demonstrated a novel and simple swiveling joint system designed for enhancing maneuverability of the aircraft in transitions and in hovering. The vectoring of the FPS demonstrated good yaw authority for the test platform, in addition to performing the main function of propulsion for both vertical and wing borne flight. A same size FPS has been effectively demonstrated on a flight test bed over the summer in wing-borne configuration. In the current campaign Jetoptera is collaborating with our partners ComQuest Ventures (adapting their Typhon simulator) and UAVenture (adapting their AirRails software).