The AirRails autopilot has been at the heart of a diverse range of BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line Of Sight) achievements this year as Wingcopter and their customers continue to push this technology into exciting and challenging environments and use-cases. Here is an overview of six companies and organisations who have been very successful.


The most recent milestone was an insulin delivery service in Ireland, demonstrating the use of the AirRails powered Wingcopter operating BVLOS in the EU. The article published by Skytango & partners describes the journey the team went through in reaching their goal.

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Arctic UAS – Whale Surveying in the Arctic

Another unique BVLOS success story was the surveying of whales in the arctic waters by Arctic UAV, made even more challenging by the technical challenges and extreme temperatures.

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Medical Deliveries in Malawi, Vanuatu and Tanzania

AirRails continues to power Wingcopter BVLOS medical deliveries in Malawi (Forbes article) in addition to successful operations in Vanuatu (SUAS News article) and Tanzania (Bloomberg article).

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KVS Technologies – Power Line Inspections

The Wingcopter is not only excelling in humanitarian missions but has also been used by KVS Technologies, flying fully autonomous BVLOS high-voltage power line inspection missions.

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Congratulations to all the companies, organisations and Wingcopter for these great achievements. We are very proud to be a part of their success stories showing how challenging BVLOS operations becoming a reality. 

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