AirRails Crop Spraying


Autonomous Autopilot System with Unrivalled Vision Navigation & Avoidance

UAVenture’s AirRails is an advanced, vision powered autopilot solution to power your drone for crop spraying or seed distribution missions. Fully autonomous and obstacle aware.

Fully Integrated Obstacle Avoidance & Precision Navigation

Multi-object detection and avoidance with a powerful dynamic route planning algorithm to find an efficient path back to the mission track.

  • Single stereo camera for flat terrain
  • Dual camera option for steep terrain
  • Supports flight speeds of up to 5 m/s (obstacle density dependent)
  • Accurate navigation during GPS degradation and failure
  • Precision navigation and landing with < 30 cm accuracy

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Ground Control Station

  • Intuitive 3D planning and mission monitoring
  • Pre-flight avionics and spray system checks
  • “No-fly” zones for avoiding trees, houses etc.
  • Customise or select preset spray / seeder configurations incl. spray rate, seeder disk / gate controls, swath size, overlap, etc.
  • Automatic flight plan adjustment based on spray system and spray mission setting
  • Spray rate, coverage and flight time estimates
  • Double spraying prevention system
  • Spray coverage analysis
  • Team-wide flight plan library
  • Backed by powerful GIS systems from ESRI (ArcGIS) and Mapbox
  • Custom aerial imagery and DEM support available
  • Video stream support

Enterprise Features

The AirRails Copilot connects your drone to your business:

  • Spray coverage and flight report uploads and live status
    information about the drone
  • Integration options into fleet management solutions for
    predictive maintenance and administration
  • Company wide software maintenance and remote sup-

Flight Control System

  • Fully autonomous from takeoff to landing
  • Interrupt/resume: Auto return home on empty & auto-resume to continue at interrupt point
  • Flight speed based flow control and flow-rate monitoring
  • Supports liquid and granular spray systems
  • Min. spraying distance over crop: 1.5 m
  • Max. speed: 5 m/s (vision avoidance mode), 10 m/s (non vision avoidance mode)
  • Steep terrain capable: up to 50 degree slopes with a dual radar configuration
  • Cloud connected for data storage, reporting and remote support

Let’s Go

Download our brochure for more information and enroll in the free demonstration program and start testing AirRails in the simulator.