AirRails Flight Control System

The flight control system (FCS) is a fully-fledged autopilot solution for your Hybrid VTOL and running on a wide range of Pixhawk compatible autopilot hardware.


Hybrid VTOL Flight Control System (FCS)

The AirRails flight controller has been specially developed with hybrid VTOLs UAVs in mind. Thousands of hours have been invested in development and testing with a focus on stability and reliability. It is ideally suited, but not limited to, small- to mid-sized systems that perform tasks such as mapping, surveying and surveillance. The FCS will run on most Pixhawk compatible autopilots.

Fully Autonomous

The flight controller manages every aspect of the mission autonomously. From takeoff, right through to landing as well as all transitions between muitirotor and fixed-wing flight modes leaving you to focus on the job at hand.

Safety First

A wide range of safety features have been built into the flight controller that auto-detect sensor failure detection and failover. Flight envelope failures such as stalls, excessive roll/pitch, motor failure, etc. will be detected with an auto-failover to multirotor mode for fast recoveries.

Payload Diversity

Support for a range of payload types ranging from GoPro cameras to DSLRs and multispectral cameras and gimbals.

Supported Hybrid VTOL Types

Our flight control system supports many types of hybrid VTOLs out-of-the box, such as quadplanes, tailsitter and tiltrotors. Both electric and fuel motor pusher/tractor motors are supported for quadplanes.

We offer a range of services to assist you integrate AirRails with your drone. Contact us to find out more.

Additional Sensors

AirRails supports a range of external sensors such as laser and radar based distance sensors for accurate landings or terrain following. RTK (available soon) will enhance flight path tracking accuracy for mapping and surveying use significantly with centimeter-level precision.

Support for additional sensors can be added on request.

Telemetry and Video Link Diversity

Most standard telemetery systems are supported for low- to mid-range data connectivity with your drone with optional support for long-range communications offering 50km+ encrypted WiFi data & video links on request.