AirRails Ground Control Station

The MAVLink compatible Ground Control Station (GCS) has been built from the ground up with commercial operations in mind. Built on Android to support not just selected consumer tablets but also a range of industrial tablets on the market. Planning and monitor missions has never been easier for non-pilots and professionals alike.



Intuitive Flight Planning

Creating and modifying flight plans has never been easier. Tap and drag to create and edit your flight plan or adjust the map. Designed for Hybrid VTOLs including automatic flight mode transition support.

Flip to the 3D view to adjust your alitudes and preview your flight plan or auto-correct the flight plan against a world-wide terrain model. Get up to speed fast by selecting from a range of flight plan models including: surveys, vertical scans, orbits, zoom-out and many more.

3D Flight View (HUD)

Track your mission progress in 3D as you watch your drone follow its flight path. The flight mode provides an uncluttered view and simple yet powerful way of interacting with the drone and its mission without overloading the operatior.

Surveying – Simple to Create, Professional Results

Creating surveys can be as simple as selecting a survey type from the list of survey types available, stretching to fit the region to be mapped and fly. For more advanced needs you can draw the outline on the map, alter altitudes, select the camera model, change overlaps, rotate the survey run direction and much more.

There are currently four main surveys types (extendable on request). The most basic survey is suitable for smaller drones. There are also more advanced surveys designed larger fixed-wings and hybrid VTOLs as well as search grid surveys with a large turn radius.

Camera triggering modes  can be either timed or distance based which will signal one of the support camera trigger devices, such as one of the Seagull Map products, to trigger the camera shutter.

For all surveys you can run the created survey through a terrain adjustment which will adjust individual altitudes along the survey to match the underlying terrain or, alternatively, adjust whole survey legs for level steps along the terrain profile.

From Basic to Pro Operator Modes

Choose a simple, limited, uncluttered operator mode when you are out on a job or a more advanced mode to manage your system. Use password protection on each user mode to limit access to each mode for operators within your organisation.

Remote Management

Define operator roles, configure payloads, manage passwords, update drone configuration, approve and distribute flight plans from a central web based Fleet Management system. Settings will be auto-downloaded and applied the next time the tablet comes online.

Pre-flight Safety Checks

It is essential that your drone and your flight plan are healthy before a mission starts. A series of pre-flight safety checks (optionally enforecable) will run through a range of tablet supported steps to make sure the system is 100% operational before allowing a takeoff.

Save and Distribute Flight Plans

Save flight plans you have created or choose one from the flight plan library. Organised by flght plan type and location making it easy to find the plan you need. Flight plans will be synchronised with the Fleet Management system and can be shared with other user’s tablets within the same organisation.

Easy Maintenance and Flight Journals

Logs from every flight will be automatically collected from the drone (requires WiFi or Bluetooth) and auto-uploaded to the Fleet Management system where reports will be generated and flight log books will be updated.

Firmware updates for the drone will be bundled with new tablet app updates and can be completed over-the-air.

Telemetry and Video Link Diversity

A wide range of options available for both telemetry data and real-time embedded video content links. Supports Bluetooth relays, FTDI telemetry radios and WiFI (UDP to access point or bridged).

Custom data and video link support available on request.