AirRails GCS – Package Delivery

Hybrid VTOL or multirotor package delivery doesn’t get easier than this.

Set a delivery on the mission with a couple of clicks and all of the transitions, landings, takeoffs and package releases will be handled transparently.

AirRails GCS – Surveillance Mode

Performing surveillance operations with the AirRails GCS is a highly intuitive process allowing you to divert your UAV from its mission path to locations of interest with a few simple clicks.

This video shows you how simple it is to drop one or more markers on the map which you can then click on to send the UAV to that loiter at that location.

The operator can resume the mission at anytime and there is a choice of resuming the mission directly or retracing the UAV’s path.

UAVenture and Aerotenna Partner to Offer Precision Spray Autopilot for Agricultural Spraying


At InterDrone, UAVenture of Aarau, Switzerland and Aerotenna of Lawrence, KS, U.S.A are proud to announce Precision Spray Autopilot, a complete autopilot system purpose-built for agricultural spraying applications. The bundle is built with agriculture drone manufacturers and service providers in mind, it enables agriculture drones to fly fully autonomously and allows better spray management with planning and real-time monitoring. The manufacturers and service providers can finally focus on their core agriculture business.

The revolutionary new Precision Spray Autopilot is a simple plug-and-play solution, allowing quick and easy integration into your existing multirotor spraying drones. It includes the Aerotenna OcPoC flight controller, powered by UAVenture AirRails Crop Sprayer firmware, an Aerotenna µLanding altimeter, and AirRails Ground Control Station Crop Spraying edition for Android. The Precision Spray Autopilot supports the ability to fly a fully autonomous spraying mission at the touch of a finger. It also enables agriculture drone manufacturers and spray service providers to fly semi-autonomous missions with simple control over their spray rates and auto lane switching.

Supported features:

  • Fly spray missions from a tablet or with a remote control
  • Radar based high performance terrain following
  • Real-time adjustment of flight height and speed
  • In-flight spray rate monitoring and control
  • Auto-refill and return to mission
  • Field-tested in simple and complex fields

Click here to checkout what the bundle can do for you!

“We’re so excited to work with Aerotenna to bring the cutting-edge bundle to the market. We are confident this solution will leapfrog the precision agriculture to the level of fully autonomous, and highest precision planning and execution,” says Simon Wilks, Co-founder of UAVenture AG.

“Aerotenna is proud to extend our high performance µLanding altimeter and advanced OcPoC flight controller to precision agriculture markets. With it’s deep industry knowledge and field experience, UAVenture is a great partner to work with in bringing the solution to the market,” says Zongbo Wang, Founder of Aerotenna.

Precision Spray Autopilot ships in early October. Interested customers can place a pre-order now and enjoy a 10% discount off the general retail price. Supplies are limited, so customers are encouraged to place pre-orders to ensure product availability. Customers interested in placing a pre-order for the Precision Spray Autopilot can do so by following the link below:

More information about Aerotenna can be found by visiting

More information on UAVenture can be found by visiting

Media Contact
Sheen Xiao

AirRails Ground Control Station – 3D Plan Tilting, Gauges and 3D Air Traffic Support

The AirRails Ground Control Station (GCS) is an Android based MAVlink compatible GCS that runs on a range of 9 – 18″ consumer and rugged tablets. Specially designed from the ground up to be highly intuitive it makes extensive use of 3D flight plan views for adjusting altitudes, previewing the flight plans and tracking the drones in-flight progress. In addition it has been designed primarily with Hybrid VTOL operations in mind integrating tightly with the AirRails (Hybrid VTOL) flight controller, while maintaining compatibility with other types of drones such as multirotor and fixed-wing.

The GCS is ideal for fleet operations being tightly coupled with a central cloud based storage system allowing for the synchronisation and distribution of flight plans throughout the fleet, drone parameter distribution, automatic log file synchronisation as well as centrally managed user access controls to both hide complexity and unneeded functionality from basic operators, and much more.

The latest release of the AirRails GCS adds a number of new features, including:

  • 3D maps and flight plans can now not only be rotated but panned and tilted.
  • 3D air traffic visualisation and audio collision alerts.
  • System gauges (speed, RPM, fuel levels, etc.) for more advanced operators.
  • Extended the pre-flight checks to include a mission summary (flight time, distance, max. altitude, etc).
  • Support for the Panasonic FZ-A2 Toughbook providing a screen that is still readable in direct sunlight.

Watch the video below for a brief demonstration of some of the key features.

More information on the AirRails GCS can be found on the GCS page or contact us

Wingcopter Partners with UAVenture to Deliver Complete VTOL Solution


Wingcopter, a German manufacturer of the fully autonomous Wingcopter tiltrotor VTOL and finalist in the 2017 Drones for Good competition, have partnered with UAVenture to deliver a complete UAS for professional applications with their commercial flight control platform, AirRails.

The Wingcopter is an universal all electric composite tiltrotor aircraft capable of carrying and operating a wide range of payloads. It’s ideal use-cases include search and rescue, monitoring, inspection, survey, mapping and delivery operations. Bundled together with the tablet based AirRails ground control station the Wingcopter is easy to use for operators and can be seamlessly integrated into any workflow.

The Wingcopter partnership with UAVenture has demonstrated how a specialist in developing and producing state-of-the-art VTOLs such as the Wingcopter Tiltrotor can quickly integrate the AirRails flight control platform for a market ready solution in only a few weeks. The AirRails platform goes beyond pure flight control and management but all integrates payloads and payload control, flight data management and 3rd party connectivity.

The result of our combined efforts can be seen at the Drones for Good competition in Dubai this year where Wingcopter completed successfully a complex search and rescue demonstration with 3 Wingcopters plus a unique VTOL acrobatic demonstration.


UAVenture and Flyingwings Release RTF Hybrid VTOL Evaluator

UAVenture has partnered with Flyingwings to develop the Falcon Vertigo, the first in a range of ready-to-fly hybrid vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) drones.

When ordered together with the AirRails flight control system the Vertigo will be pre-tuned and ready-to-fly providing evaluators with a fast track way of trialing hybrid VTOL technology and seeing how AirRails can bring hybrid VTOL solutions to their own customer base.

The Vertigo is a 1.3m (52”) flying wing electric VTOL and is capable of carrying a small payload such as a GoPro. The ready-to-fly version comes complete with quality electronics components pre-installed, including the autopilot hardware. When ordered together with AirRails it will be pre-flashed and tested.


AirRails is an advanced multirotor and hybrid VTOL capable flight control system that excels in its ability to provide an extremely intuitive operator user interface making the operation of a complex technology as simple as a few taps on the tablet’s screen. Features such as 3D mission creation and tracking plus the sharing and distribution of missions to teams of operators make it an ideal team based professional solution.

The advanced flight control system takes care of performing fully automated take-offs and landings, regardless of wind direction, and completes your missions not only accurately but safely with a range of built in failsafe systems.

Flyingwings is the leading UK manufacturer of EPP wings and hybrid VTOLs offering both hobby products and autonomous drones for commercial mapping applications.

AirRails enables Fixed-Wing Acrobatics

After our Christmas experiment of getting the E-flite Convergence flying autonomous missions with AirRails we’ve now gone one step further and implemented a rate controlled acrobatics mode in fixed-wing. This allows you to fly the Convergence in the same 2 modes which the original flight controller provides (Stabilized and Acro). In Acro mode you benefit from unconstrained control over the aircraft but at the same time it will compensate external influences such as wind which gives you a truly flying on rails feeling!

If you manufacture a Tiltrotor (or any other form of VTOL aircraft) for commercial usage and are looking for a tested and reliable flight control platform we are eager to help you integrate AirRails into your vehicles! Please contact us for more information:

The acrobatics mode will soon be available in PX4 as well. Watch the following video for a short glimpse of what’s possible:


sUAS News Drone Stuff with Simon Wilks

Simon Wilks talks about hybrid VTOL in the latest Drone Stuff talk from sUAS News with Gary Mortimer. Watch the interview to get interesting insights into what we are doing and find out why AirRails is the best choice for VTOL manufacturers.


AirRails VTOL Autopilot – Safety by Design

Hybrid VTOLs (aka VTOLs) are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to start anywhere, like a multirotor, and fly far and fast like a fixed-wing. The interest in VTOLs is particularly high for tasks such as pipeline inspections, wide-area surveying/mapping and cargo together with the flexibility of being able to start or land practically anywhere.

The biggest concern that is usually raised about this type of drone is the efficiency hit that you take by having the extra weight and batteries needed to drive your vertical thrust system. This reduces flight time and payload capacity.

ALTI Transition

VTOLs such as the ALTI Transition do still manage a very respectable 6+ hour flight time.

But there is another important aspect to hybrid VTOLs which we’ve been working on enhancing together with the AirRails flight control platform. And that is the increased level of safety that can be achieved by using its inherent redundancy capabilities.

Demonstration of Pusher/Puller Motor Loss, Airspeed Failure Detection and Stall Recovery
Let’s start with a short video demonstration that illustrates two not so uncommon failures that can occur.

In the first part of the following video we demonstrate the detection, in software, of a pusher/puller motor loss, which is not uncommon with fuel motors. In the second part we demonstrate how AirRails detects and recovers from an airspeed loss due to a pitot tube blockage and is able to continue the flight without.

In the second video we demonstrate how AirRails is able to detect and recover from a stall situation:

These are just a few of the detection and recovery techniques that are part of AirRails. Let’s take a look at the full array of failure types it can detect and recover from.

AirRails Failure Detection and Recovery
With AirRails, we have spent a lot of time taking advantage of the fact that while the VTOL is operating in fixed-wing mode you have a backup system: the multirotor component. Rather than treating it as dead weight, we decided to make it our onboard safety net.

Here are the types of failures AirRails can currently detect and recover from while in fixed-wing mode:


Failures that result in a transition from fixed-wing to multirotor mode provide the system and the operator with a range of recovery options, ranging from attempting a transition back to fixed-wing flight, locating an emergency landing zone or returning home.

Multiple Safety Nets
With all of these failsafes in place, you end up with multiple layers of checks which could trigger during a particular failure event. This significantly increases the chance of recovering from a failure. In fact, it works so well we had a hard time triggering our desired failure mode as the other checks kept jumping in.

There are three layers of checks in place, where each will trigger if the previous one does not:

  1. Continuous sensor and flight attitude checks
  2. Conditional checks based on the current situation
  3. Absolute limits as a last measure

If we apply this to the airspeed sensing failure example above, the sequence of checks that will occur will be:



In the second layer there is a window of opportunity to failover from the airspeed sensing failure and continue the flight or return home in a relatively safe and efficient manner. Should this not trigger in time then one of the next layers will trigger a transition into multirotor mode.

Minimising Risk during Takeoff and Landing?
During the takeoff, landing and a portion of the transitions into and out of fixed-wing we will be back in a partial or full multirotor mode. A failure in this mode without a redundant configuration will result in failure. The risk area in this case is quite limited and can easily be planned to take place in a safe location, limiting potential damage to people and property.

Let AirRails bring your VTOL System to the next Level
Contact us to find out how the AirRails flight control platform can make your hybrid VTOL system even safer.

The Tiltrotors are coming!

For more than 2 years we have been focussing on hybrid VTOL, supporting all kinds of VTOL systems from Quadplanes to Tailsitters to Tiltrotors. It is amazing how many variations of those main types manufacturers develop for both commercial hobby use. Often they are complex to handle (mechanically and aerodynamically). Our AirRails Flight Control Platform hides all this under the hood giving the operator a simple to use interface.

As a “holiday experiment” and to show the versatility of AirRails we’ve converted the recently released E-flite Convergence from a manual flying machine into a fully autonomous UAV.

Our team actively contributes back to the open-source autopilot community therefore you can find all the DIY information to make your Convergence fly with PX4 here:

If you manufacture a Tiltrotor (or any other form of VTOL aircraft) for commercial usage and are looking for a tested and reliable flight control platform we are eager to help you integrate AirRails into your vehicles! Please contact us for more information: